2022 Events

Blending With Spirit (Intermediate Mediumship Class) Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Location: Bullington Gardens, Hendersonville, NC. (Tickets available at Eventbrite.com Blending With Spirit)

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If you are interested in developing your own personal psychic intuition or may have experienced any psychic phenomenon throughout your life, and interested in fine tuning your psychic abilities in a group setting, please contact me by email: amikolojeski@gmail.com. Seating is limited month to month. The circle is hosted on a Sunday at 3:45pm, for 90mins.

Opening The Door To Spirit (Introduction to Mediumship) Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24th. Sold Out!

Psychic Development Levels 1 & 2 Intensive

March 26th and 27th, 2022 Was a Tremendous Success!

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Introduction to Psychic Development Class

January 8th and 9th, 2022

The Introduction to Psychic Development was a success! All the students loved it and were able to blend their energy with each other and connect psychically. I received 5-star reviews from everyone.


1-9-22 (5-stars) Excellent

S. McMasters

I took this class as a way to help me move into the next chapter of my life. It met so much to work with a teacher like Anthony. Our group was so involved with Anthony’s teaching’s and open to the unexpected. I felt that I learned to trust myself and that I can manifest what I need in my life! Anthony was and excellent teacher.

1-19-22 (5-stars) Excellent

L. Mahala

Anthony helped me to get out of my own way and to tap into my intuition. He is a wonderful teacher and a trustworthy guide. His teaching was so easy to follow and I felt so comfortable throughout the class.

1-14-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

Jim P.

Excellent teacher! I have been in many meetings and classes in the past but Anthony surpassed my expectations. I learned the foundation of psychic development. I was able experience the expansion of energy through my chakras. Really amazing experience!

1-11-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

N. Pierson

The class was a combo of information and exercises. Anthony shared his expertise and personal experiences which was so easy to understand throughout the class. I greatly appreciated his integrity and professionalism. You are such a great teacher!

1-13-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

J. Oxendine

This class was amazingly informative and learning. This class was very very successful for and confirmed my gift is real. Anthony is so gifted and accurate! I want to be just like him. The information I received was amazing and will be put to good use. Looking forward to growing and taking more classes. Such an amazing experience!

1-11-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

R. Harrison

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the information, your organization, thoroughness and the level of detail in all the areas of your teaching. Your level of integrity was amazing.

1-22-2022 (5-stars)

D. Westmoreland

Anthony is very knowledgeable and passionate in teaching psychic development. He is trustworthy and a beautiful soul. I highly recommend his services and his teaching. He is simply outstanding!

1-15-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

N. Carrera

I enjoyed the connection, the affirmation, encouragement and wisdom from Anthony. I have gifts and abilities that have been buried and I feel I am beginning to emerge. I am so grateful for you to help me exercise my true self and connect with others. Looking forward to more classes with Anthony.

1-9-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

Geordie M.

Anthony is an excellent teacher! He really took us step-by-step through all the beginning elements and building blocks of psychic development. I feel like I was walking away with a solid foundation from which to build. This workshop has also left me excited to practice, build, and develop these skills within my work. It’s very exciting and fun to see my effectiveness in this area. Anthony made this work lots of fun and very engaging! I appreciated his skill, talent, expertise and his stories. So happy I decided to do this. Definitely motivated to continue and grow! Thank you Anthony!

1-9-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

Judith H.

I learned to build my energy, expand my energy and blend that energy with other people. Amazing how I can see what has or going to happen in someone’s life through these exercises. Anthony’s humble style and teaching skills were excellent.

1-14-22 (5-stars) Excellent

R. Alonzo

I love Anthony’s straight forward honesty and willingness to support each person individually and personally. The singing bowls were and excellent addition to the meditations. Your personal stories/anecdotes were so helpful because they made me feel less alone. They helped me to confirm and validate my own experiences. Your energy is calming and non-judgemental.

1-10-2022 (5-stars) Excellent

Melody C.

Anthony was a superb teacher! I learned how to blend my energy psychically and have a great foundation on how it all works!