About Me

Thank you for visiting my website and I welcome you! I am a third-generation Polish-American psychic and natural-born medium. I first experienced my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and communication with the spirit world as a child of five years of age. Over the years, these spiritual experiences increased, which led me to realize I had a special mission in the world, which set me on my mediumship journey.

As a psychic medium, I am very passionate about my work and I believe mediumship is the most fulfilling experience in my life. Being able to connect with loved ones in the spirit world not only provides the evidence of the afterlife, but also allows the love, closure, and healing to be given to my clients. A simultaneous healing occurs for the loved one in the spirit world and the client here in the physical. This healing allows us, as souls, to let go of the deep emotions that may be holding us back in life; thus allowing us to live more fully and joyfully and on our blueprint path.

I have studied with some of the world’s top mediums in the U.S. and U.K. My travels have led me to study at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College to further my advanced education in mediumship. (Please check out my educational references at the bottom of this page).

My responsibility is to hold a positive space and always come from a place of love. I truly feel that I was given this beautiful gift from God to help people. This opportunity to give validating messages imparts the beautiful understanding that our souls do live on past the physical realm. I truly love what I do and I cherish it and feel very humbled to allow the gift of the spirit world to flow through me.

Our loved ones are very much a part of our daily lives! They share their high intellect, guidance, love, closure, forgiveness which gives us the ability to heal. They hear our thoughts, our words, know our feelings, and see our actions. This information is given to the medium from your loved ones in spirit and comes through in the reading as evidence only you would be able to verify or know personally.

Proud Member of “Best American Psychics

It is an honor to be in the company of such talented colleagues and part of a loving, ethical organization as “Best American Psychics”. I have been double-tested and thoroughly interviewed to be part of this team. Being a responsible professional and keeping high ethical standards is a MUST when working with clients, as well as working as a messenger for the spirit world.

I am currently based in the Asheville, NC area. I am available to give readings by phone, or in person at my Hendersonville, NC office.

I also do intimate mediumship group readings and mediumship in large audiences in the US and Canada. I am a teacher and a Spiritualist. (Please check out my upcoming classes and events) 2022 EVENTS PAGE.

My Gifts

My gifts are:

  • Clairvoyance – the ability to see images/visions and people, places, or things
  • Clairaudience – the ability to hear sounds, music, and voices from the spirit world
  • Clairgustance – Clear taste, the ability to taste without actually putting anything in your mouth
  • Clairalience – the ability to smell perfumes, foods, tobacco, oil, fire
  • Claircognizance – the internal feeling or clear knowing by Spirit
  • Clairesentience – clear feeling while tuning in the emotional experience of the person or place or experience
  • Animal Communication – receiving messages from pets from the spirit world, as well as pets that are still living.

Professional Training 

I am blessed to have studied with some of the best psychic mediums and spiritual teachers, to name but a few:

  • Tony Stockwell – Omega Institute/Trance Mediumship (2015)
  • Mavis Pittilla – Studied exclusively with Mavis in all her Intermediate and Advanced Classes In Mediumship (2016 – 2018)
  • Advanced Platform Mediumship Mentorship with Mavis Pittilla (2018) – (2019)
  • Tony Stockwell, Simone Key, Lynn Probert, and Kitty WoudAdvanced Platform Mediumship (2017), Arthur Findlay College, Stanstead, England
  • James Van Praagh – Mediumship Training, Omega Institute, School of Mystical Arts
  • Mary Elizabeth Raines Past Life Regression Training   
  • Deb Rumpf – Shamanic Studies (4 years intense training)
  • Laila Deane – Tarot Studies
  • Jill M. Jackson – Intense Psychic Development and Mediumship (2008) – (2009)
  • Paul Selig Channeled Weekend Workshop (2010)
  • Tony Stockwell – Past Lives and Soul Champions (Three Day Workshop Nov 7-9th, (2021)
  • Sheila French –  Ershamstar School Of Mediumship. Folkstone Kent, England. (Online Advanced Mediumship workshop (June 2020) – (March 2021)


Certified Spiritual Medium – James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts (2016)
Certified Past Life Regessionist – Mary Elizabeth Raines – Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

It is my pleasure to meet and work with you!