Couples Psychic Mediumship Readings

About Readings for Couples (Two People)

A psychic mediumship reading for couples requires more time than an individual reading because a lot of information is presented to each of you. Unlike an individual reading, where you have my undivided attention, you are sharing the time with another person. Therefore, couples readings are scheduled in 90-minute blocks.

Readings for couples are available in person in Hendersonville. If you live outside the area, you may also book a phone reading with me.

Pricing for In-Person and Phone Readings

90 Minute Reading – $400

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How To Prepare for a Couples Reading (Personal sitting and phone reading)

  • At least 24 hours before your session, please refrain from all alcohol and recreational drug use.
  • Prepare five questions (written on paper) for which you seek clarity. Have the questions with you on the day of the reading. Often, you will find that I address those questions in the reading, but we will review your questions at the end of your reading to ensure that they have been answered. Please refrain from sharing too much at the beginning of the reading.
  • Please bring a pad of paper and something to write with so you can jot some notes to look at later. You may also record your session with your phone or other devices. I do not provide recorded sessions.
  • Please put your phone in “Do not disturb” mode to disable incoming calls, text messages, and all other notifications during your reading.

Additional Information About Phone Readings

If you are having a phone reading, it is important to create and maintain a calm atmosphere free from distractions, such as children and family pets. Please make arrangements for child and pet care so that you will be able to focus and retain all of the detailed information you receive during the reading.

It is very important that the two people who are getting the reading be the only people in the room during the reading. Having other human energy in the room can taint the information intended for the people receiving the reading.

More about Your Reading

  • During your reading, I will relay all of the information that comes to me. I must stress that I am merely a messenger for the Spirit World. You might even get information about someone you are not even extremely close to – a healing message.  Sometimes not all of the messages that come will make sense to you right away, but then a month or year later it will just “click” with what is happening in your life.
  • Your direction in life is never fixed; meaning that you have a say in what happens in your future (action equals growth/change, and inaction equals stagnation). My intention is to join with you with Spirit – we can get you answers to questions as well as give you the information that Spirit finds is most pertinent to your life at the time of the reading.
  • Regarding the Mediumship aspect, loved ones, family, and friends who have crossed over will make their presence known and will give messages to you that they want you to know.
  • Please understand that I have NO say-so in who steps forward during your reading. Whoever steps forward will usually be the person who has the most significant information, words of advice, or message, that is pertinent to you at that time.