The uniqueness of this flower shows how that being different in this world can be so beautiful. Learning to except our light and the light of others in their differences is our biggest challenge. It’s called tolerance. Our biggest lesson while we are here on this earth journey. Explore and embrace the beauty in everything and it surely will expand your awareness in the world and with that, creating more joy and less judgement.

Pause, and be aware of the beauty in our world. Never allow negativity in the world to stop or destroy your joy, dreams, love or passion. Remember, there is just as many beautiful people in the cosmos as there is beautiful cosmos in our garden. Stand in your personal power of light and love and see and feel what kind of loving and joyous world you want to manifest. It starts with you.

Always remember, just because you cannot see the full picture of the world or what is ahead of you, doesn’t mean you’re not being guided. Trust more that you are always being guided by your spirit guides, guardian angels, your loved one’s in the spirit world, and most importantly God, Creator Consciousness or Source.

As we celebrate holidays, we reflect on what is important in our lives and think about what we are grateful for. So many people have different opinions, religions, cultures and celebrate different holidays. Not one religion or culture is greater than the another. Remember, we are all spirits first having a human experience, therefore we are all the same connected as spirits. We may have a different journey but nothing divides us as spirits. Let’s carry and share these teachings with one another in life. This is what we should strive to become. More loving!