Here are some frequently-asked questions that Anthony is often asked.

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?

A medium is a psychic, but a psychic is not necessarily a medium.

When you are receiving a psychic reading, the psychic is connecting with your energy field, aura, or astral light. The psychic can also read your chakras, which will pertain to the physical, spiritual, and emotional body. The psychic is able to receive clarity about past events or experiences, what is currently pertinent in your life, and options for directions in the future, which of course, will always be free will and choice.

A medium has all the psychic abilities mentioned above, but their energy must be raised to a higher frequency to obtain connection with the spirit world. The medium is able to connect with specific loved ones who share their physical descriptions, relationships, personality, details of illness and passing, memories and experiences, names, specific and unusual information, and evidence of how they are present in your current life.  It is common for mediums to have more than one contact during your reading from the spirit world.

What happens to us when we die?

I’ve heard from connecting with spirit in the spirit world that we leave either through our feet or the top of our head. I also have been told of a silver cord that supposedly attaches us to life here. It is hard to describe exactly how we transition, but it is like we are gravitating towards the light. There is a feeling of anticipation, and perhaps some fear, but within a few seconds of entering the light we experience an “all knowing”. We get a fast-forward review of our lives and see the whole domino effect of all our actions. We feel everything that we made someone else feel: the happiness, the joy, the anger, and hurt. We understand all of our actions and every interaction we had with everyone, and we know and understand what our purpose was in this lifetime.  For many, there is a period of healing any physical or emotional issues, especially forgiving ourselves for anything that we did, that we do not feel proud of, while we were living here in the physical world.

How is life on the other side?

Apparently, we are healed physically and spiritually. Many times during the reading, the soul in the spirit world will tell me but they were very sick or had difficulty walking or standing in the physical world, but in the spirit world they are healed, even walking and dancing with joy. In the spirit world there is total harmony and it is more magnificent than we can even imagine.

Is there a heaven where we actually meet God?

Yes, absolutely. The very light that we go into as we cross over is God. When we are here in the physical world we are a piece of God. When we cross over to the spirit world we become “One With God”.

What do the souls in the spirit world do?

We have the choice of anything we wish to experience. Whatever we loved doing here in the physical world can happen in paradise or heaven. So, if we enjoyed dancing, we would enjoy dancing in the spirit world. The souls on the other side also take part in helping us here in the physical world.

What is the truth about reincarnation?

What I believe from my personal experience as a medium, my extensive education, and what I have been told and shown, is that we do return over and over in different bodies, (male or female) for the purpose of learning different things. Sometimes we come here in groups – there are people we have known before.  Some groups are soul groups, some can be a single-family or even an extended family. In the physical world we recognize feelings or energy we have toward people when we first meet them here on earth, whether those experiences were good or bad and how it relates to the lives we have shared with that person before. To reincarnate, there is an agreement or a plan made with God and the souls spirit masters. After we have crossed into the spirit world, we as souls choose where and when to come back.  Who are parents are, and the lessons to learn in this lifetime.  It’s always a purpose of both learning something from others, in helping others or teaching others here in the physical world.

Is there and the amount of time that I should wait between readings? Yes I wouldn’t suggest getting a reading more than once a year.  Nearly every reading is different with different information, different people in the Spirit World as you progress in life, there will be more news available that you need to hear that is pertinent to your life now.