Five Stars!

Anthony read for me the summer of 2021 at a outside public demonstration at The Stump in Lily Dale, NY. He started by accurately describing my Father’s rather unique occupation (a high voltage electrical engineer facilitating energy to steel mills). Anthony said, “I see a man working with electricity not in a home, but he is high in the air working with wires & poles. This is very dangerous work! There was obviously no one else that could understand this information, so I sheepishly raised my hand. He then proceeded to describe an event that almost took my Father’s life (Vasculitis), and said that we were all lucky that he survived. (Very true!) He accurately remarked that this man had 5 children, and one son was a mini Dad! Again, (all true!) my son is also an electrical engineer. Anthony then a comment that still resonates with me to this day. He said,” There is a split in the family, one child against the other four.” (True!) Anthony shared that my Father said, “that needs to stop. Life is way too short!” “That he is watching and sends his love.” That was the end of my reading because in this audience setting, the mediums are limited to only 5-7mins per person. Unfortunately, I have to report that this split in my family still continues to this day. MMMCMURTRY February 7, 2022