A Very Enlightening Experience

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Anthony for the wonderful experience during your visit to Fredericton, Canada in May 2018.

I had the great privilege to witness a group reading that touched many in the room. His ability to connect with the spirit world and relay their messages of hope and loving memories and reassurance for those left behind is amazing. Those he connected with were left filled with hope and joy to know they are surrounded by loved ones.

Anthony also has an amazing way of explaining the experience for people and his process that helps one better understand the process and help one relate to the messages he receives.

I also had a personal experience with Anthony that was a very enlightening experience that led me filled with hope for the future and a new view on life moving forward.

His sincerity and positivity during the reading was amazing and allowed me to feel comfortable and he ensured that I truly understood the message.

Anthony has a tremendous gift and shares it with love and respect for those present and those in the spirit world.

For a truly amazing experience and a chance for a true connection to those who have passed I would highly recommend connecting with Anthony!

May you go forward with joy and happiness and keep sharing your gift!