Accurate and Professional – 5/5 Stars

I have had a previous reading with Anthony, but it was several years ago. I returned to him because I remembered his accuracy and professionalism. I was not disappointed. The thing that always amazes me is the detail – there was a great deal of detail. The vocabulary he used, phrases I recall being spoken, mannerisms. My mother, for example. As he told me what she said, he said things that only she would know and used words that only she would use. He even moved his hands the way she did, her mannerisms when she would talk. My father – Anthony explained certain circumstances to me that my father was privy to, but not Anthony. He also told me a couple of things that did not make sense at the time, but since the reading, I have been made aware of other people in my mother’s life that I never knew about – and now I do. It was surprising that he relayed the things he did, and it was very much worth my time. I will give it some time for things to settle and play out, but I will do this again. It was comforting yet eye-opening at the same time.

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