Helped me find peace during this most difficult time.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony today. He was able to connect with my grandfather who has been gone for almost 22 years and also my Mom who has very recently passed very quickly and unexpectedly. He relayed details to me from her that he would have had no way of knowing. He mentioned roses and water. Earlier that day, before the reading, I went to my parents house to do some things for my Dad who was out of town. My Dad has set up a sort of shrine to my mother in their closet. I went in there and there was a vase of yellow roses that my Dad had put there in celebration of my Mom’s birthday a few days before, so I put some more water in the vase do they would keep. There are also several pictures that my Dad has placed around the flowers. Earlier, Anthony said my Mom made mention to why he had so many pictures of her in there implying that it was a really excessive. I laughed because I could definitely picture my Mom saying something like that.

There were many other very detailed things he mentioned that no one but myself would know, so I felt some peace knowing that I was able to connect with my Mom that I miss so much. Thank you Anthony for helping me find some peace during this most difficult time. You are a gem. I hope to connect with you again!