I felt like I had visited with everyone Anthony brought through. It was a truly beautiful and spiritual experience!

What a wonderful experience!! Even after several of my friends told me what incredible readings they had with Anthony, my reading with him was still even better than I expected! Having had a number of readings in the past from other psychics/mediums, I was very skeptical after not receiving much of anything that was really accurate. My reading with Anthony was quite the opposite!

My session began with a very relevant message from my guides about a communication suggestion in a relationship and some insight into a health issue that I currently was experiencing.

Those messages were followed by a visit from a distant aunt who had passed long ago who seems to have taken a special interest in me! She gave me a very reassuring and inspiring message.

That visit was followed by one from a dear friend on the other side and she mentioned several things to Anthony that were familiar to our relationship. When she was leaving, Anthony said she’s saying “Namaste” … and he asked if that was a typical way for her to say goodbye. I told him that didn’t sound AT ALL like something she would say. His response was “Well I’ll just let that sit with you, something you may remember later”, and then we went on with the reading.

The amazing part happened after I returned home and opened an envelope with photos I had taken with my friend on several occasions. The very first photo I came across was one of an awning that took up the entire photo … and on that awning in huge letters, across the entire top of the awning, was the word NAMASTE! I had forgotten that we had gone there together the very first time she came to visit me in Asheville! I guess she was just reminding me of that time we had together. As I said … I was totally blown away, and began laughing and crying at the same time!

After the visit with my friend, my mom and dad both dropped in with messages and reminders of very specific family photos that were very special to all of us. There was also an additional photo I came across after the session that explained something else Anthony had seen during the session, which didn’t make any sense at the time.

Lastly were some insights on a piece of property that I’d been looking at, with a suggestion for a contact to make regarding  the property.

There were a few things he saw that didn’t have any meaning to me, but I’m really expecting that those also may also turn into “Aha” moments in time!

It was such a wonderful gift to be able to receive special messages from my guides, my friend and family members, and even some general info of things going on in my everyday life! After the reading I felt like I had visited with everyone he’d brought through. It was a truly beautiful and spiritual experience!

Mariana, Hendersonville, NC

September 18, 2020