I Now Feel at Peace

I recently had a wonderful (60-min) reading with Anthony. I have had a few readings done in my life but they were not as comprehensive, accurate as his. 

I decided to contact Anthony for the primary reason that I had experienced a loss in my life and was feeling really low and down in the dumps about it. I wanted answers with respect to the loss and had questions of if I should try again or recognize that I should resign and accept the loss and move on. Anthony was able to understand the situation and gave me very clear and actionable advice with respect to my question. He was kind and knew that I was hurting inside.

I now feel at peace and can move on and love my life again as Anthony said. 

In addition, Anthony guided me with the help of my grandmother that came through with respect to my personality. I was not expecting that, but know that what he said was absolutely correct! I will continue to work on my communication skills and will be reading more about how to be more gentle and less harsh with people.


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