Kindhearted, Caring, Professional, and Gifted

Kindhearted, caring, professional, and gifted, Anthony is what I would think all psychics aspire to be. While I do not care to share what we discussed, he helped me a great deal to make sense of life experiences, both past and present. He was accurate in ways that could only have happened by him hearing it himself from his spirit guide; I didn’t tell him nor did he have any clues. He heard and clarified things about my father; he passed on what my father said to him. Same with my grandmother and others. Anthony is a genuine person – what you see is who he is. He has a lovely light shining from within and you can feel the sense that you are safe with him – and you are. A fine human being with a gift – and interest – in helping others. Very authentic, very ethical, very positive, but he won’t shy away from difficult subjects, either. He cares. I highly recommend him to anyone lucky enough to live in the area.