This (reading) was very meaningful to me and provided me with great comfort.

I had a reading with Anthony and he told me that a very special friend of mine died this past year. Actually, within a few months. His description of her was in such detail.  Anthony was able to connect with her spirit and he clearly identified information about this friend that he otherwise could not have known. This provided me with assurance that indeed he was connecting with my friend’s spirit. He went on to provide information to me that my friend wanted me to know. This information was very meaningful to me and provided me with great comfort. He mentioned all the lessons I had learned from her over the years and our special friendship. Anthony continued to provide me with detailed personal information about my daughter, her well-being and how things have progressed positively. He also received information regarding a new car that my daughter is in the process of purchasing in order to provide her with safer transportation and much needed. It was very reassuring to hear these words from Anthony as he was able to connect to the spiritual world. Many thanks!

Susan B.